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Recent Additions to this Library

As noted elsewhere, the Journal of Biblical Ethics in Medicine ended publication in 1997 and Biblical Reflections on Modern Medicine in July-August 2000.

This section has articles that are written and/or published here for the first time since the above periodicals ended.  It will allow us to comment on more current issues, although we find that most information on this site has timeless value.

Authors.  If you find that your worldview is consistent with ours and you write about medical issues, please send us your articles for possible posting here.  It does not matter if they have been published elsewhere.  We are looking for additions to make this a substantial "library."

Send them by email (preferable) or postal mail to the addresses listed for Ed Payne, M.D., Editor.

Ritalin, A Drug Disaster. For data and other information about the dangers and laws governing the use of Ritalin for attention deficit hyperactive disorder, go to www.oism.org/ddp, click on newsletter, and then September 2001 issue.

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